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  • A catalogue with a wide variety of books, periodicals, press photos, artistic works, song lyrics, musical scores, illustrations and much more!

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SAMUEL brings together a variety of resources for teachers and teaching professionals from Quebec and elsewhere.

Do you work in a preschool, elementary, high school or CEGEP in Quebec?
The licence your school has with Copibec gives you access to SAMUEL. The same password and username that allow you to access Savia, Copibec's online reporting system, give you access to SAMUEL. You do not have an account? Create one in a few clicks. You can then reproduce and share the contents of SAMUEL in accordance with the provisions of the agreements between Copibec and the educational institutions.

Cantook Station

Do you teach in Quebec, but your educational institution is not covered by a licence with Copibec?
If your educational institution does not have a licence providing access to SAMUEL (university faculty, private music schools, etc.), our platform is available by subscription. For more information, feel free to Contact us.

Do you work in an educational institution outside of Quebec?
SAMUEL is offered by subscription to educational institutions outside of Quebec. Contact us for more information.

Copibec pays royalties to authors and publishers of the works used, based on the data collected in SAMUEL. New resources are added each week. contact us.

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SAMUEL is a innovation

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